The Ultimate Paradox

The Lord Jesus, the Apostles, the New Testament writers and the Early Christians all made use of jolting paradoxes in their teaching… In the Kingdom of God, the last are first, the first are last. The humble will be exalted; the exalted will be humbled. Those who mourn will rejoice; those who laugh will cry. …

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The Great Paradox

In a “Peanuts” cartoon strip, Little Lucy, who is known to be ever-ready with unsolicited advice, is playing right-field in a baseball game. Charlie Brown is pitching. “Let’s win one for a change Charlie Brown,” Lucy cries out. Charlie Brown then throws his first pitch and the batter hits the ball to right-field. But Lucy …

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Totally Awesome

When Cornwallis, the British General, surrendered to General George Washington, to end the American Revolutionary War, the British fifers serenaded the revolutionary spirit and the dawn of a new Era with a popular song of the time. Here are the lyrics: If buttercups buzz’d after the bee, If boats were on land, Churches on sea, …

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