Peace of mind

When The Wind Blows

When Christians gather together in Jesus’ name at a wedding ceremony, the bride and groom agree to enter into a permanent, enduring, lasting union. During the early, ecstatic, romantic days, it is not difficult for a man and a woman to say that they will love each other “until death do us part.” A young …

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The Joy Of Christmas

When he was a young man, Joshua Liebman made a list of the things he would like to have. The list was long and included such things as health, love, talent, power, wealth, and fame. He showed the list around, asking others for their opinion. A wise old friend of the young man’s family looked …

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His Motive Is Love

The story is told of a woman who possessed everything she ever could need or want except one thing: peace of mind. For years she had been troubled by the strange delusion that huge swarms of birds were attacking her. She spent much time going from one psychiatrist to another, but none seemed able to …

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