In His Hand

A fire-and-brimstone preacher was delivering a sermon on the end of the world, “Reform your lives,” he boomed, “because when you least expect it the signs of the Endtime could appear in the sun and the moon and the stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish, distraught at the roaring of the sea …

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Learning To Wait

One of our most disagreeable everyday experiences is waiting. Watch motorists stopped at a traffic light and count the smiling faces. There aren’t many. We grow weary just thinking about the long lines at the supermarket checkout counter or waiting-rooms where we sit wondering how soon the doctor or dentist will see us. Then there …

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A Total Commitment

Being a follower of Christ in isolation is a contradiction. Together, we pray to the Father in Jesus’ Name. Together, we worship the Father in Jesus’ Name. And, together in Jesus’ Name, we express our love for the Father through our love for one another. “Where two or three are gathered in My Name, there …

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Creatures Of Habit

Students in a “Creative Writing” class were accustomed to receiving writing assignments which involved various aspects of their everyday living. Consequently, as the course drew to a close, their final assignment put them in a state of shock. “Write your own obituary,” the teacher said. Later, one of the students said that, for him, “The …

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Paradise Within

In James Michener’s novel about South Africa, there is a scene in which some people are digging in yellow clay, near the surface of the soil. In the yellow clay they discover some diamonds and they rejoice in their new-found wealth. They continue scratching around in the yellow clay and, for a considerable period of …

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View From The Top

It is clear from the life and teaching of Jesus, that our relationship with God is the most important thing in our life. Everything else — our health, our work, our family life, our sorrows and our joys — literally find their meaning in our relationship with God. A man was visiting some friends who …

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The Profound Truth

A popular author of inspirational books tells of his first season as a member of his high school varsity football team. Being a substitute, he spent a good deal of his time sitting on the bench. From that vantage point, he noticed after the first couple of games that the head coach would disappear in …

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Make Time!

A certain obstetrician delivered babies with great professional skill as well as with a flourish all his own. When the babies first appeared, he began talking to them. From the moment he first touched them he would smile at them and offer them soothing words of welcome … “Hello little one, now don’t be frightened. …

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God Has A Fax Number

You are driving toward your destination and you suddenly realize that you must have taken a wrong turn. What do you do? You stop the car and you ask for directions. Unless you happen to be married to the author, Judith Viorst, who writes, Even if I were collapsing from thirst and hunger, Even if …

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