Just As He Is

Father Murphy, a parish priest, was being honored at a dinner celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of his ordination. The scheduled principal speaker was a leading local politician and lawyer. He also was a member of Father Murphy’s congregation. It so happened that the speaker was delayed in court. Consequently, the toastmaster decided to open the …

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The social activist Julia Ward Howe once asked Senator Charles Sumner to use his influence to intercede for a constituent who desperately needed help. The Senator responded, “Julia, these days I’ve become so busy and involved in so many matters of importance to the nation that I no longer have time to direct my attention …

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All Saying The Same Thing!

A political analyst in the U.S.A. once said that among the many characteristics of persons who aspire to the nation’s highest office, a certain amount of arrogance is evident. To demonstrate, he told the following story: After a hard day’s campaigning for the Office of President of the United States, candidate Ross Perot went to …

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