Get Off Your High Horse

“Sailbad the Sinner” is the name of an old sailboat owned by Baptist Minister, Jess Moody. One day, Moody and his son boarded the little sloop at a Florida Everglades dock and set off on a wild ride to nearby Palm Beach Inlet. Moody tells the story of what happened: It is a twenty-five minute …

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The Biblical concept of a “Chosen People of God” is a major theme running through the history of the United States. The Pilgrims were Bible-loving, Bible-centered, Bible-reading people. They took this concept right out of the Old Testament and applied it to themselves: the new “Chosen People.” They used the phrase, “Aaron into the wilderness” …

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Sounds A Little Absurd?

The late Fritz Kreisler, the great violinist, was walking down the street one day with a friend and the two stopped to look in the window of a shop. A fine catch of fish, eyes staring, were on display, lined up in a neat row. Kreisler suddenly clutched his companion by the arm. “Woe is …

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