Prodigal Father

Reach For The Summit

Thomas Wolfe, one of America’s literary giants, believed that the experience of loneliness was a necessary condition of creative living. In his book, “The Hills Beyond,” he wrote of his strong conviction that “loneliness, far from being a rare and curious phenomenon, peculiar to myself and a few other solitary men, is the central and …

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Give Them Life

Oh my friend, do not have children! You bring them into the world and they send you out of it. You give them life, and they give you your death blow. A few years ago we probably would not have paid too much attention to these words of advice from one of Balzac’s novels. But …

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A Wide Open Story

An old Jewish legend tells the story of a renowned rabbi who disappeared from the synagogue for a few hours each Sabbath day. His mysterious conduct was the subject of much speculation among the rabbi’s students. Many of them suspected that their great mentor had discovered a secret meeting place with the Almighty. Consequently, one …

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God Loves Even Us

Some time ago, the following item went out over the Associated Press wire: Keeping a sense of humor about one’s name can help — as in the case of a Filipino Archbishop, Cardinal Jaime Sin. He often tells how he enjoys inviting people to “the house of Sin,” his residence in a Manila suburb. ‘When …

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