Why Starve To Death?

In order to follow Jesus’ counsel and build your house-your life-on solid rock, you must enter into two different kinds of experience. First, there is the once-and-for-all experience of letting God’s love into our lives. At some point in our lives we decide that the Good News of Jesus’ Gospel is what life is all …

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What’s Happening?

Unfortunately, there are many adult Christians who seem to be a bit fuzzy in their understanding of who God is. This is so, even though knowing the Gospel Truth about God is the essence of the Christian Faith. The essence of the Christian Faith, the Gospel writers tell us, is Good News about God. He …

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Nothing But The Truth

A great defense lawyer was defending a client who was the victim of some trumped-up charges. The main witness against his client took the stand and gave his testimony. Then the defense lawyer began his cross-examination and immediately challenged the witness’ honesty. “But I am wedded to the truth,” the witness protested. “Oh, I see!” …

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