Everyday A Little Bit

Several years ago, an international poll was taken to discover the name of the person most widely recognized throughout the whole world. The result was surprising to many people. The most widely recognized person was not the President of the United States, nor the Pope in Rome, nor the heavyweight boxing champion Mohammed Ah. It …

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Fully Human, Fully Alive

Several youngsters were sitting together in a crowded theatre, waiting for the film to begin. One young man decided to go to the refreshment counter. He bought some popcorn, but as he came back down the aisle the house lights went out and the movie began. He continued down the darkened aisle scanning the audience, …

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Secret Weapon

Have you heard the story of the two astronauts who were preparing for a trip to the moon? It seems that the pair had been running through some lunar procedures on a Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona. The site had been chosen because the terrain there was similar to the surface of the moon. During …

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