Lord, Teach Me How To Dance

In a Midwestern Church, the crib-room is filled to capacity every Sunday without fail. As you enter the room, you see a large framed sign hanging on the wall over the long line of cribs. It reads, “Not all of us shall fall asleep, but all of us are to be changed.” I don’t have …

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Overtaken By Joy

Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862), the New England Yankee social critic who wrote “Walden,” one of the American classics, rebelled at the intrusion of government and social institutions on man’s life. When he was twenty-seven, Thoreau moved from his home in Concord, Massachusetts to nearby Walden Pond where he built a small cabin. He spent two …

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Outward Face/hidden Man

Because we are by nature social beings, we live in societies. It is in the nature of man to prefer the security and stability of organized society over the risks inherent in total independence. But societies are not organized and perpetuated helter-skelter. Societies exist because their members are more or less congenial to a common …

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Why Aren’t We Singing?

He came singing love. He lived singing love. He died singing love. He rose in silence. (If the song is to continue, we must do the singing) Picture the mood of the disciples on Easter Saturday. They had loved Jesus. They had left everything to follow Him. In Him they had experienced God’s presence and …

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Joy Of Life

In times like ours it is so easy to get bogged down in a mood of despair. Problems all around us are so great, man’s inhumanity to man so shocking, that it is easy to see only the bad side of things and allow ourselves to be pulled down into a whirlpool of complaints and …

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