Resurrection Power

There Is No Death?

I’m going to tell you a “fish story.” It seems that some scientists decided to develop a fish that could live outside of water. They selected several healthy red herring for the experiment. They bred them and cross-bred them until, finally, they produced a fish that could live out of water. Still, they weren’t satisfied. …

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The Turning Point

A high-ranking Military Chaplain once introduced a standard Bible Study Curriculum for children in military families. However, the continuity of the Course was often interrupted by the moves from base to base that military families are required to make. The Chaplain tells the story of one such family in which there were four children engaged …

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They Will Never Forget!

“… unless I can put my hand into His side, I refuse to believe.” So says the Apostle Thomas in today’s Gospel Lesson. “Doubt is part of all religion. All the religious thinkers were doubters.” So said the famous Jewish Novelist, Isaac Singer. “While certainty is of value, the important thing is not to stop …

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Easter Every Sunday

On the evening of the first Easter Sunday, ten of the Apostles, still hurting terribly following the crucifixion of their Lord, were gathered together behind closed doors. Missing from the group was the Apostle Thomas (“Doubting Thomas”). He seems to have made a serious mistake by isolating himself from his brother Apostles in their time …

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One Man Obeyed

Imagine for a moment that you are back in Old Testament times, living in the little country of Judah that has been your home for centuries. Everything you’ve worked for and dreamed of having, everything that is important to you, is rooted in Juctah. Then the mighty Babylonian Armies come, robbing your little land, ravaging …

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His Actions . . . Our Reactions

Life on planet earth consists of a continuing series of actions and reactions. All living things-from the birds and the bees to the Smiths and the Joneses-participate. Reactions are sometimes small, sometimes tremendous; sometimes positive, sometimes negative. Boy asks girl for a date (that’s action). Will she say “Yes” or “No?” He awaits her reaction. …

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