Love Is Wisdom

With the birth of Christ, a great joy is proclaimed which lays aside all the questions and all the imponderables. A great joy is proclaimed which clears the way for women and men to come to a decision that makes sense out of their life, for all time. Jesus has come into the world that …

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Overtaken By Joy

Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862), the New England Yankee social critic who wrote “Walden,” one of the American classics, rebelled at the intrusion of government and social institutions on man’s life. When he was twenty-seven, Thoreau moved from his home in Concord, Massachusetts to nearby Walden Pond where he built a small cabin. He spent two …

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Out Of The Darkness

Eat, sleep, work, leisure — “Is that all there is?” we ask. Or is there lasting meaning and purpose? And, if so, by whose arrangement? If so, under whose direction? If so, who is my Lord? Where do I find my Lord and my God? Where do I find my redemption? The experience of a …

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Have We Found The Messiah?

We are born for life! So says our very nature. And so says the Bible. Born for life! In Biblical terms, this means that we humans have a spiritual dimension that is ‘immortal” and “incorruptible” — that is to say, our “soul.” It means that as whole human persons we are capable of making decisions. …

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