Spread Your Wings!

There is a beautiful allegory in which “Knowledge” is depicted as a strong, handsome knight — making his way over the great tableland of the earth… With each step, he tests and makes certain of the ground beneath his feet. Beside him and just above the ground moves the white-winged angel, “Faith.” Side by side …

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Be Still And Listen

For Jesus, it was the morning after what must have been an extremely hectic day. He had been teaching in the synagogue with such authority that the people were astonished. When His teaching was interrupted by the cries of “A man with an unclean spirit,” Jesus amazed the people by driving out the unclean spirit …

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Your Greatest Gift

. . . Do not ride in automobiles; they cause 20% of all accident fatalities; . . . Do not stay at home; 17% of all accidents occur in the home; . . . Do not walk on the street or sidewalk; 14% of all accidents happen to pedestrians; . . . Do not travel …

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