Santa Claus

An Assumed Identity?

It was the day after Christmas. A weary father was trying to take a nap but his young son kept finding ways to disturb him. Finally, the father lost patience. “Go to my room,” he said to the son. Hearing this, the boy’s mother asked, “Why did you tell him to go to your room …

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No One Will Be The Wiser

Expectation plays a big role in our lives-as was the case, perhaps, when an extremely overweight woman was heard to say on her first visit to “Weight-Watchers”: “I just can’t wait to get home and not eat.” That’s expectation! “Expectation” plays a special part in our celebration of Christmas. We all know what Christmas is …

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Novelist Katherine Ann Porter wrote a little true story of the time she helped her five-year-old niece shop for a Christmas present for her mother . . . We wandered from shop to shop. Little Mary Alice considered seriously, in turn, a silver tea service (One Thousand Dollars); an embroidered handkerchief with lace on it …

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When Is It Time To Love Somebody?

In a syndicated newspaper cartoon, Santa Claus is pictured at his work bench putting a new toy together. From his nearby TV set, he hears a reporter saying, We continue our look at the real meaning of Christmas sales indicators. Consumers have dramatically cut back their borrowing which could slow the economy, but which might …

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Even Santa Claus!

Rembrandt did a painting which portrays the Biblical story of the storm on the Sea of Galilee. Perhaps some of you have seen it. The little ship occupied by Jesus and the Apostles is being hit by a huge wave. You can feel the shudder running through the whole boat. The storm is all around. …

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A Fruitful Christmas

In chapter Three of Matthew’s Gospel, John The Baptist is baptizing His followers and telling them that Jesus Christ will soon be in their midst. “But when he sees a number of Pharisees and Sadducees coming,” Matthew tells us, he says to them (among other things) “Brood of vipers … Even now the ax is …

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