Which Is Me?

In the “Wizard of Oz” legend, a great cyclone strikes in the state of Kansas, transporting young Dorothy to a strange land called Oz. She meets three very engaging characters — a scarecrow, a tin woodsman and a cowardly lion. Dorothy discovers that the scarecrow would like more than anything else to have a brain; …

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You’re On Your Own

A United States Army Brigadier General went with his wife to do the family food shopping in the commissary — something he hadn’t done in years. As the couple walked through the aisles, the general’s wife kept giving him instructions: “The cereal is in aisle number four…be sure to get the large-size crushed tomatoes… remember …

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What We Don’t Know

The brilliant British Author, Malcolm Muggeridge, once said that a very amusing book could be written about how unbelievers try to explain away the fact that people are still being converted to Christianity. Not a day goes by without people all over the world committing themselves to Christ. When late in life he was converted, …

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Change Your Tune

The story is told of a great violinist who owned the most valuable violin in the world. Once, during the course of a superb concert performance, he suddenly smashed his violin over a chair again and again, breaking it into little pieces. The audience was stunned. The master quickly relieved their anxiety, saying, “Don’t be …

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Are You A Power?

The opening sentences of a book called “Advice From a Failure,”1 brings the reader face-to-face with certain of life’s realities: It is not an easy world to live in. It is not an easy world to be decent in. It is not an easy world to understand oneself in, nor to like oneself in. But …

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My Name Is Joy!

The great patriarch, Abraham, spent much of his life in the desert. One day he saw a stranger walking in the distance and he called out, inviting the traveler to dine with him and stay the night. The man readily agreed. But as Abraham was preparing to serve the meal, he learned that his guest …

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