Shalom! Shalom!

A wife had provided a tombstone for her husband’s grave. On it she had inscribed two sentences: “Rest in Peace” … “Until We Meet Again.” Individually those are two good statements, but together they don’t come out quite right. That is the problem with our using the word “peace” in the limited sense that we …

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Be Satisfied

A man had found a magic lantern and, for years, every time he rubbed it a “Genie” would appear to grant his wish. The man was a real worry-bird and, because of his constant anxious worries, he kept the “Genie” busy all the time. This went on for years — one wish after another — …

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Prince Of Peace

You may not fancy yourself as a Scripture scholar, but you probably know the Old Testament word for “peace”: the beautiful Hebrew word, “shalom”. In the Bible the word means so much in terms of human fulfillment that there is nothing better you could wish for another person. The New Testament word for peace? If …

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Praise The Lord

Today’s Gospel Lesson begins by telling us that Mary “set out, proceeding in haste, into the hill country to a town in Judah, where she entered Zechariah’s house and greeted Elizabeth” (Lk.1:39). The story of Mary’s journey comes immediately after her response to the angel who told her she was to be the mother of …

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To Be Sure, Lord!

One evening, after a lecture, Helen Keller invited questions from the audience. Someone asked: “Miss Keller, if you could have but one wish granted, what would it be?” What a question! As you know, Helen Keller was sightless and deaf. Her only contact with the world was through the sense of touch. Even the question …

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