No Time To Blink

It has been scientifically established that the average person blinks some twenty-five times per minute. It also has been determined that each blink takes about one-fifth of a second. Consequently, if you should take a ten-hour automobile trip going sixty miles per hour, you will drive about fifty miles with your eyes closed. (Aren’t you …

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Coming Up Empty?

Do you remember the fairy tale, “The Sleeping Beauty.” There is to be a royal wedding. The wicked witch is not invited. Angry over the snub, she puts a curse on the bride and groom (a prince and princess). According to the curse, they will have a daughter, and when she reaches age eighteen, she …

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Prepare Him Room

At a preachers’ conference, a discussion arose about people who fall asleep during the Sunday Sermon. One of the participants, well-known for his preaching ability, told of a woman who came to him and said, “I want to thank you for helping me. You see, I was having trouble with insomnia, and so I bought …

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Birds Of A Feather?

Many years ago, a pastor was sitting alone in his Church, quietly reflecting on a theological tome he had been reading. Suddenly, his reverie was interrupted by the noise of a sparrow banging in terror against a stained glass window in the sanctuary. Somehow the bird had found itself trapped inside the Church and desperately …

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