On The Edge Of Darkness

We follow our Lord to the foot of the Cross and find ourselves standing on the edges of darkness-the darkness of the Crucifixion. It is a darkness so deep that even nature cries out in a kind of convulsive protest. It is a darkness so deep that the Man who lived closer to God than …

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The Carpenter’s Trademark

A preacher stood before the congregation and received the offerings at the conclusion of the collection. After staring forlornly into the basket, the preacher said to the gathering, “Our latest advertising campaign has been a great success. We have advertised that the poor would be welcome in this Church.” Then, glancing once more into the …

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Oh, So Gentle!

Some time ago, a magazine ad for a certain automobile part depicted a very big, macho-type man, with huge muscles bulging out of his T-shirt. In his arms, he gently cuddled a tiny baby. In bold print, the advertising slogan above him read, “So powerful, but oh so gentle.” In today’s Gospel Lesson, John the …

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