What God Expects You To Do

A Jewish family moved into a new neighborhood. The parents felt that their young son would benefit from some extra discipline. Consequently they went to enroll him in a nearby parochial school. There they were told that because the available space was limited, all applicants would be required to take an oral admissions test to …

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The Greatest Of Teachers

There is a Peanuts cartoon in which Little Lucy asks, “You know what your trouble is Charlie Brown?” Then she answers her own question: “The whole trouble with you is you don’t understand the meaning of life!” Whereupon, Charlie Brown looks straight at Lucy and asks, “Do you understand the meaning of life?” Lucy answers, …

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Who Are The Citizens?

A model morning prayer appeared in the Parish Bulletin of a Church in Missouri: Dear God: So far today I’ve done all right. I haven’t gossiped. I haven’t lost my temper. I haven’t been greedy or grumpy or nasty or selfish. In fact, I haven’t done anything wrong at all. And I’m really pleased about …

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How Happy You Will Be!

In today’s Gospel Lesson, Jesus tells us that the necessary precondition for our wholeness of life — genuine happiness — is to trust everything to God, that is, our very lives … “Seeing the crowds, He went up the hill. There He sat down and was joined by His disciples. Then He began to speak. …

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School Is Never Out

A fourth-grader seemed perplexed as he lingered over his homework assignment. Finally, he called out, “Mom, I need your help. I have to write a paper about ‘The Person I Admire Most,’ and I think I’ll write about you. But I need you to tell me some of the things I admire about you.” In …

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Then You Can Keep Christmas

It has been said, and rightly so … If the Christ is born in Bethlehem a million times, and trudges the dusty roads of Palestine, preaching for a million years, but is not born in your heart and life — then what difference does the Gospel make; what difference does this Christmas Day make? Remember …

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Between Two Slices Of Bread

Thanks to medical science and other factors, people are living longer and longer. Regrettably, it is not always the case that enlarging the quantity of life results in enhancing the quality of life. The famous author, “Anonymous,” has been quoted as saying “The problem with what we call “life” is that it is daily.” And …

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