Going Someplace

The obstetrician was not at home … His five-year-old daughter answered the doorbell. “Is your daddy in?” asked the excited stranger. “No, he’s gone,” the little girl replied. “When will he return?” “I don’t know. He’s out on an eternity case.” The little girl was right. Every one of us is an eternity case — …

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Travelling Light

While visiting her sister and family, Karen Johnson presented a $20 bill to one of her teenage nieces. The young woman expressed a certain amount of reluctance to accept the gift saying, “Oh, that’s very nice of you Aunt Karen, but you really don’t have to do that.” To which Aunt Karen replied, “I want …

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A Good Neighbor Policy

From time to time most of us are bitten by the “travel bug,” and usually the bite is not without its sting. One important function of a good “travel book” or travel agent is to anticipate the hazards and the hassles travelers are likely to encounter and to suggest ways and means of avoiding them. …

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