A Learning Experience

A small boy, walking down the street one bright summer day, spotted a copper penny glistening at his feet. He picked it up and clutched it protectively. He felt a glow of pride and excitement. It was his, and it cost him nothing! From that day on, wherever he went, he walked with his head …

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What Matters Most

A shopper who had just returned from one of those department store January “White Sales,” had this story to tell: I was standing in a crowded department store elevator, when a woman pushed her way in through the closing doors with fire in her eyes. I couldn’t understand what she was muttering to herself except …

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No Trivial Pursuit

You are working in a garden on a beautiful sunlit morning pulling out dandelions. Suddenly, you drop to your knees and discover beauty in the unique coloring, beauty in the intricate design, beauty even in the strange smell. Suddenly the dandelion is transformed. You know it’s more than just an ugly yellow weed; it’s a …

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