Why Didn’t We?

Many of you know, I am sure, the beautiful classic story of “The Little Prince” … The Little Prince, you may remember, had one possession which he considered to be unique in all the Universe: a gorgeous, magnificent rose. It was the most beautiful living thing he could ever imagine, and he lovingly raised her …

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Positive Identification

The uniqueness of living things is one of life’s most awesome wonders. No two blades of grass, no two roses, no two insects or birds or dogs or cats are precisely alike. Each human creature of God is different from all the rest each a unique creation of God. Geneticists tell us that prior to …

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Who Do We Say We Are?

In today’s Gospel Lesson, Jesus begins His public ministry by calling His first disciples. And their decision to follow Him does not come “out of the blue,” so to speak. They respond in the context of fulfilled expectation, hope realized, dreams come true. Having spent the day with Jesus, Andrew seeks out his brother, Simon …

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A Seamless Robe

There is a wonderful “New Yorker” magazine cartoon which depicts a woman, scowling, as she says: One day Arnie, my husband, pointed out to me that every word I said sounded exactly like my mother. So he sent me into analysis and I worked on it for a year. But when I thought I sounded …

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The Company Of The Elite

In our ordinary language we tend to label things in a way that implies sameness. Yet, “We live in a world in which no two things are alike in all respects … Look anywhere you want for two things that are alike in all respects: two grains of sand, two peas in a pod, two …

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