What’s On The Menu?

On a Sunday afternoon, a woman we shall call “Aunt Emma,” was commenting on the sermon she had heard preached earlier that day. She said … “The sermon lasted rather long, but I didn’t mind because that’s when I plan my menus for the coming week.” One can only wonder what kind of menus such …

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Is The World Ready For You?

A young bride-to-be learned, to her dismay, that some of her fiance’s religious beliefs were less than orthodox. “What shall I do?” she asked her mother anxiously, “Harold doesn’t even believe in hell!” “Don’t worry dear,” her mother replied, “between the two of us we’ll show him how wrong he is.” Later, during the wedding …

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Live Wisely!

When we read the Bible story of our “First Parents” living in the Garden of Eden, we can see that Adam and Eve had an ideal marriage. For example, Adam didn’t have to hear about all the men Eve could have married. And Eve didn’t have to hear about all those other husbands who get …

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