What New Thing, Lord?

Do you remember how Jesus used the imagery of “old wine in new wineskins” to emphasize that God’s creation is in the process of development; that we can learn from the past but cannot live in the past; that the world we leave will not be the same as the world we came into? Perhaps …

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You Know Best, Amen

We can learn from the past, but we cannot live in the past. God’s creation is in the process of development. The movement is continuous. The change is constant. Inevitably, the world we leave will be a different world than the one we came into. A married couple had just returned home from a wedding …

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Is He Worth The Risk?

Some of you may be more familiar with the “Beatitudes” in the Gospel of Matthew than those in Luke which we have read. Somehow, Matthew’s list of eight Beatitudes has received more popular exposure and commentary than Luke’s list of four. Most Bible experts agree that Luke’s is the more primitive version, and somewhat different …

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