What Am I ‘here after’?

An elderly man confided to a friend that he was planning to live to be one hundred. The friend replied, “I too would like to be one hundred. But how do you plan it?” “It’s quite simple,” the other man said, “all you need to do is live until you’re ninety-nine, and from then on …

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Who Is Your Savior?

When a man died and appeared before Saint Peter at the Heavenly Gate, Peter could not find anything in his files to indicate that the man was scheduled to arrive at that time. Consequently, the man went to the gates of hell, but Satan’s gatekeeper was just as puzzled as Peter. He, too, could find …

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We Are The Message

A certain man bought a valuable painting entitled “The Burning Ship.” In the picture, a large ocean liner is engulfed in flames. The most remarkable thing about the painting is the artist’s rendering of the fire. It looks so real it almost appears that the picture itself is ablaze. One day, while looking at the …

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The Bells Are Ringing

Author Anthony DeMello tells the story of a temple built on an island. The temple contained a thousand bells … Bells big and small, fashioned by the finest craftsman in the world. When the wind blew or a storm raged, all the bells would peal out in a symphony that could send the heart of …

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Be Content With What You Get

A very wealthy man invited his four married daughters to dinner. “I’m getting on in years,” he said to them, “and I’ve lived a full life for which I’m grateful. But I continue to be disappointed that none of you has given me a grandchild. Tomorrow I’m adding a provision to my will. It will …

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The Clownish Society

On this New Year’s Day, as on all festive occasions, there is always the danger of missing the celebration’s real significance. Like a man named John Cunningham did, for example, on his wedding day. The marriage ceremony had ended. John and his bride had just been pronounced “man and wife.” The officiating clergyman congratulated the …

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Better Believe It!

Two men were jogging one morning on the beach. They stopped abruptly when they spotted an exotic, ancient lamp half-buried in the sand. One of the men picked up the object and began rubbing off the sand. Whereupon, a Genie suddenly appeared before him. “Sir, because you rubbed this mystical lamp, I can grant you …

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