Word of God

Their Eyes Were Opened

After weeks of faltering, a shy young man finally found the courage to ask the girl of his dreams for a date. To his surprise, she accepted. But, as the time drew near, he began to question his ability to keep the conversation going with her. Then he thought of his high school teacher who …

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We have been hearing much about rising unemployment rates, decline in sales of many products, decline of the stock market. Many businessmen are searching for a “recession-proof” product. And there is one: the Holy Bible. A business magazine conducted a survey recently which found that in the midst of all the economic troubles, sales of …

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We Can Hardly Wait

According to a study made at an agricultural school in Iowa some years ago, the production of a hundred baskets of corn from one acre of land required four million pounds of water. It also required sixty-eight hundred pounds of oxygen, fifty-two hundred pounds of carbon, one hundred sixty pounds of nitrogen, one hundred twenty-five …

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