First Comes Faith

What is your reaction when someone asks you, “Have you been converted to Christ?” Unfortunately, for many of us there is a negative reaction because often those modern evangelists who ask the question do so in a judgmental way. Their arrogance turns us off. Or the question may confuse us because it comes in several …

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What Can You Lose?

In a parable of life, a man is rowing his boat on a lake. Inscribed on one oar is the word, “Faith.” on the other oar is the word “Works.” The oars are symbolic of our ministry as followers of Christ. If that man pulls on only one oar at a time, he will get …

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Let’s Get Practical

From the very beginning, there have been Christians who understood the Gospel Message to mean that if you have faith it doesn’t really matter what you do with your life. But Jesus’ teaching and example demand more of us than that. As Jesus’ followers we are called into a ministry of demonstrating our faith through …

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