It was reported in “Sports Illustrated” magazine that athletes who intended to participate in the National AAU track and field championships were required to fill out a questionnaire. Among the questions were, “What is your hobby?” and “What is your ambition?” One Olympic distance-runner answered, “My hobby is taking apart my Volkswagen … My ambition …

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To Each His Own

Soon after Al Smith was elected to his first term as governor of New York, he made an inspection tour of the state prison, “Sing Sing.” After Smith had toured the plant, the warden explained that prison morale was low and he asked the governor to speak some encouraging word to the inmates. Smith agreed …

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A Seamless Robe

There is a wonderful “New Yorker” magazine cartoon which depicts a woman, scowling, as she says: One day Arnie, my husband, pointed out to me that every word I said sounded exactly like my mother. So he sent me into analysis and I worked on it for a year. But when I thought I sounded …

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Sam The Lion

It was Sunday evening. Jesus’ closest disciples were hiding in an upper room, behind locked doors. They were grim, dejected, fearful. Nothing had changed since the Good Friday debacle. There had been for them that terrible “morning after,” and then another. Now it was the second evening after and still they were suffering the most …

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