Talk To The Children

A mother and father purchased a child’s world globe for their five-year-old son. That evening, in the boy’s bedroom, the father used the globe to take his son on a kind of tour of the world, pointing to continents and oceans and mountain ranges and all the rest. Finally, when it seemed that the child …

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Up To Your Neck?

A rich man who had acquired his wealth through a series of shifty, questionable business deals, decided to enter politics and run for public office. At the height of his campaign, he burst into the editorial office of the local newspaper and exclaimed, “You are telling lies about me in your paper, and you know …

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You’ve Got A Lot To Live

Two of the characters in the Gospel Story of the Child Jesus being presented at the Temple are named Simeon and Anna. Both are old. Anna is eighty-four. Simeon’s age is not revealed but Luke makes it clear that he too is a very old person. But age was no barrier to Anna’s and Simeon’s …

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