Don’t Pull Up The Drawbridge

Watch therefore ... lest he come suddenly and find your asleep

Mark 13:35,36
Mark 13:33-37

Sermon Week/Year

First Sunday of Advent,

Sermon Topic


“If you’ve been wondering why you’re tired,” begins an old magazine article, “here’s why”:

No matter how tired you may be, your exhaustion is fully justified, as can be proven by simple arithmetic. The United States has a population of some 200 million. Of these, 72 million are past retirement age, leaving 128 million in the work force. When you subtract the 75 million people who are either too young or still in school, you get 53 million left to do the work. There are 24 million employed by the Federal Government, which leaves only 29 million in the work force. Subtract from that the 12 million in the Military and the work force is down to 17 million.…

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