Getting Away From It All?

...they fell down and worshiped Him. Then, opening their treasures, they offered Him gifts

Matthew 2:11
Matthew 2:1-12

Sermon Week/Year

The Epiphany of the Lord,

A lion in the jungle approached a campfire around which sat members of a hunting safari. Hiding behind a clump of bushes, it listened as the hunters argued over which, of all the wild animals, was “King of the Jungle.” Finally, one of the hunters summed up the argument, saying, “From everything that’s been said, it’s clear that the lion is still ‘King of the Jungle.'” This pleased the lion very much!

The next day, that same lion came upon a leopard. He let out a mighty roar that could be heard all through the jungle. Then he said to the leopard, “Which animal is ‘King of the Jungle?'” The leopard, shaking with fright, replied meekly, “You are, Mr.…

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