Instant Replay

This is the King of the Jews...Jesus, remember me when You enter into your reign

Luke 23:38,42
Luke 23:35-43

Sermon Topic


Thanks to the miracle of modern electronics, TV sports fans are able to enjoy the highlights of a game or a match a second time. “Instant Replay” it is called. “Let’s see that play again” the announcer suggests, and the viewer immediately sees the whole thing replayed. Even more impressive is the fact that “Instant Replay” can rerun the action from a different perspective than the original showing. The “isolated camera reruns the play by following the activity of one particular player. The “slow motion” camera not only slows down the action on the replay but stops at crucial points so that the sportscaster can make more detailed observations or hold postmortems over a referee’s decision. Everybody loves this second…

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