We Are Chronically Human

... to the man who slaps you on the cheek, present the other cheek too

Luke 6:28
Luke 6:27-38

Sermon Topic


In a fast-food restaurant, a woman bowed her head and said, “Thank you Lord for these vittles.” A teenager at the next table overheard her, and asked, “What are vittles?” The woman answered, “These are the blessings God gives me — my food to eat.” The teenager replied, “But don’t you know you’re going to get food to eat whether or not you thank God for it?” “Perhaps so,” said the woman, “but everything tastes better when I’m thankful.”

Today’s Gospel Lesson is a portion of Luke’s rendition of Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount.” In it we hear Jesus saying such things as “Love your enemies… do good to those who hate you … Give to everyone who asks…

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