Children’s Sunday Sermons August 2015

Children’s Sunday Sermon
August 2, 2015
Good morning boys and girls! I would like to start by sharing a wonderful story with you this morning about a woman who attended her ten year high school reunion. During the reunion, the woman had a chance to speak to one of her former teachers. At the reunion, as soon as she spotted her old math teacher, she ran over and began to explain how happy she was to see him. “I was hoping you would be here Mr. Smith,” the woman said to her teacher. “I want you to know that I am now a high school math teacher, and it was you who inspired me to become a teacher. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful example Mr. Smith.” Hearing this, the teacher said, “Karen, I do remember you as a student. What I remember most about you is what a great listener you were. And now it doesn’t surprise me that you are putting your great talents into teaching. Thank you so much for saying those kind things about me. You have made my day.” Hearing this, the woman said to her teacher, “Oh no, don’t thank me Mr. Smith for making your day. You have made my life!”

Boys and girls, in this story we see an example of a student who really must have been listening to her teacher, don’t we? But all too often students may hear their teachers without really listening.

I know that you hear me each week as we gather to study our Bible and talk about God. But have you been really listening? Have you listened with your heart to the things that are expected of us as good loyal followers of Jesus?

What are some of the things you have heard?
. . . Share with others who have less than you.
Have you been listening?
. . . Be obedient to your parents and teachers.
Have you been listening?
. . . Be kind to your friends and your neighbors.
Have you been listening?
. . . Listen with your heart to others who need you.
Have you been listening?
. . . Love one another as the Lord has loved you.
Have you been listening?

Boys and girls, I know you have heard these important things — now it’s time to do these things — and then we will all know that you really were listening!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
August 9, 2015
Good morning boys and girls! This morning, I want you to think a minute about what you would like to be when you grow up. How about a doctor, or a lawyer or a carpenter? How about a teacher?

Of all the jobs you might like to have teaching may not be the one that would make the most money. But teaching may be the one job that brings you the most rewards. This reminds me of a story about a young man who was trying to decide what he should do in his life. He went to a wise old man and asked him if he thought he should become a politician or a teacher. The old man told him that he should at least consider becoming teacher. “And then what if I do become a teacher, who will know?” the young man asked. The wise old man replied, “If you become a teacher, you will know. Your students will know, and above all, God will know.”

Did you know boys and girls that Jesus has been called the Greatest Teacher of all time? That’s right! And you may not have even thought of Jesus as a Teacher. But throughout His entire ministry, no matter where He went or what He did, Jesus turned every situation into a teaching opportunity. And that is a very important lesson for all of us to remember, because, in the same way, wherever we go and whatever we do, we can turn every situation into a learning opportunity.

Have you ever heard the saying, “The best teacher is example?” Of course Jesus, as Teacher, has given us the best example of how we should live. And just like that favorite teacher who you were thinking of earlier, the most important thing to remember about Jesus is that He really cares about you!

Here’s a funny story. Joe just wouldn’t get out of bed for school. Each time his alarm went off he would hit the snooze button, pull the covers over his head and go back to sleep. And every time he would do this his mother would open his bedroom door and shout, “Joe, wake up! It’s time for school.” After five or six tries, the mother shouted even louder, “Joe if you don’t get up this minute you’ll be late for school!” “But I don’t want to go to school today,” Joe protested. His mother snapped back, “I know, but you have to Joe, you’re the Principal!”

Just like Joe, some days you don’t feel like going to school. But you have to — you’re the student! And remember boys and girls, the Greatest Teacher of them all has a lesson for us, today and everyday — that through His loving examples here on earth, He taught us how to live.

Children’s Sunday Sermon
August 16, 2015
Good morning girls and boys! Today we read from our Bibles that Jesus said, “Anyone who eats this Bread will live for ever” (John 6:58).

What did Jesus mean when promised that we will live forever? Boys and girls, because we are human, the idea that we will live forever is hard for us to imagine in our lives here on earth. But the promise that Jesus has given us, of eternal life, of living forever starts exactly here — on earth.

For those of us in our Christian family — all who are good loyal followers of Jesus – – we have already begun the journey into eternal life here on earth. That’s right! Jesus has made this promise to every one of us here today, each one of you boys and girls. When we do the good work that is expected of us here on earth we grow closer to God, and Jesus tells us that eternal life means being close to God.

Boys and girls, can anyone here think of a word that rhymes with ETERNITY? Well — it is a tough one. The word I was thinking of is MATERNITY — which simply means motherhood. When mothers go to the hospital to have their babies they are put in a part of the hospital called the “Maternity Ward.” And each one of us, each of you boys and girls started your journey-to-eternity-in the maternity ward! How’s that for a rhyme!

Ever since you were a little baby in the maternity ward God has had a plan for you to join him in His Kingdom. But as we have learned before, there are things we must do to be closer to Him. What are some of those things boys and girls?
. . . to help others that need you
. . . to share with those who have less than you
. . . to forgive those who have hurt you
. . . to be a friend to those who are lonely
. . . to Love one another, as God has loved us!

Those are the things boys and girls that take each one us from Maternity to Eternity!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
August 23, 2015
Good morning boys and girls. In the popular game of “Monopoly,” the person who has the most money at the end wins. In Monopoly, you roll the dice and land on properties that you can buy. And pretty soon, the person who buys the most property can charge the most rent, and that person wins the most money, and wins the game. But at the end of the game the money is not real, and it doesn’t do anyone any good.

In the Bible, Jesus talked a lot about money. In fact, except for the number of times he talks about the Kingdom of God, he talks most often about money. Jesus tells us that money itself is not bad. Of course we need money to buy the things that we need to live. But He tells us that the love of money can be a bad thing in our lives.

In today’s Lesson Jesus is talking about persons who put the material things in life ahead of their relationship with God. They may build a big fortune, but in the end what are they left with if, in the process of achieving their fortune they abandoned the good work that God has expected of them? And if they did abandon that good work, then they are left estranged from God, they are drawn away from God, they are no longer very close to God.

Boys and girls, it’s OK to play competitive games with your friends. Those are some of the fun activities that you should enjoy. But the next time you look at the face of your friend, try to remember — which is more important to you?

Children’s Sunday Sermon
August 30, 2015
Good morning boys and girls! Do you think that you and your family go to church each week out of habit? Let’s talk about this word, “Habit.” I can think of a real example about how powerful habits can become. When elephants are being trained to do work in other countries, the farmer must first teach the animal not to stray away from the rest of the herd. To do this, the farmer ties the powerful leg of the elephant to a very strong tree. The tree that they use is called a banyon tree, and its roots go very far into the earth. And no matter how hard the elephant tries, he cannot pull away from the firmly rooted tree. And after a while, the elephant gives up because he realizes that he is no match for the mighty banyon tree. Pretty soon something amazing happens. After the elephant gets into the habit of not pulling on the rope, the farmer changes things. Now instead of tying the elephant’s leg to the trunk of the banyon tree, he ties it to a spindly little stick poking out of the ground. That’ right! The elephant has developed such a powerful habit of not pulling on the rope, that he thinks he cannot break away from the spindly stick.

Boys and girls, for some of us, going to Church is kind of a habit. Jesus teaches that coming to church is more than just a habit. The real reason He wants you to come to church is to be with Him. He said, “wherever two or three are gathered in My Name, I am with them.”

Remember this Sunday, and every Sunday that Jesus is here with you. Boys and girls, don’t get tied up in your same old habits. Break free and come to church each week with a smile in your heart because you know that Jesus is right here with you!

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