Children’s Sunday Sermons August 2023

Children’s Sunday Sermon
August 6, 2023

Children’s Sunday Sermons

Good morning boys and girls. Today I want to tell you a story about a little ant who felt like he wasn’t being treated fairly. He thought he was given more than his fair share of work to do. You see he had the job of carrying a piece of a twig that was so long and heavy that his legs wobbled with every step. He thought to himself, “Why have I been asked to carry such a heavy load?” And to make things worse, he suddenly came upon a crack in the sidewalk that he thought would be impossible to cross.

And then an idea popped into his head. What do you think he did boys and girls? That’s right! He pushed that twig across the crack until it reached the other side, forming a bridge that he could cross over. Wow, isn’t that great? That little ant was able to turn what seemed like an unfair burden into something great!

Boys and girls, it is the same way for Jesus’ loyal followers. Sometimes we feel like we have been given more than our fair share of work to do. Sometimes we feel like asking, “Why have I been asked to carry such a heavy load?” What are some of those times, boys, and girls? How about when you are asked to visit a sick friend or relative when you would rather be playing with your friends – or when you are asked to share your things with someone who has less than you. And you might ask yourself, “Why do I have to do this?” Well, you already know the answer. It is because that’s what Jesus has asked of you as one of His loyal followers. And just like that little ant, when you carry your heavy load, you will be blessed with the peace of spirit that will fill up your heart – your heavy burden will turn into something great. When you do this, you will form a friendly bridge from your heart to others.

Boys and girls, the next time you are riding in your car and travel over a bridge, I want you to think about our story today. And I want you to ask yourself, “Am I doing my fair share? Or would I rather complain about the work that has been asked of me?” And then think of it as a reminder that you can form a friendly bridge from your heart to others.

Children’s Sunday Sermon
August 13, 2023

Good morning boys and girls. Did you know that the tiny little chip in your computer or smart phone is made up of something called silicon? Did you know that silicon is nothing more than ordinary sand that you find on the beach? Think of this chip as the “brain” inside of a computer. And that brain which can figure millions of things every second is smaller than the nail on your little finger. Wow, that sounds like a miracle, doesn’t it boys and girls? And every time you turn on the switch the computer’s screen comes to life and up pops a game, or music or the other wonderful programs that you may have used on computers at school or home. And even though you don’t know exactly how something made of sand can do all the miraculous things that it does, each time you hit the button to turn on your computer you expect it to work. Each time you hit the switch you have faith that it will turn on!

Boys and girls there are many stories in our Bibles about the miracles that Jesus performed during His lifetime. He gave sight to a blind man. He turned water into wine. He cured a man that was crippled. He even raised a man named Lazarus from the dead. And believe it or not, Jesus is here for us today to work miracles in our everyday lives. That’s right, all we need to do is to open our hearts to Jesus’ teaching and all things will be possible. We need to have faith that each time we turn to Him He will be more reliable than your phone. We need to have faith that He is always ready to teach us the Lessons that no computer in the world ever can – and that gives us the power and the strength and the desire to care deeply about our sisters and brothers everywhere. Jesus wants us to switch the power of love to the on position and keep it there!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
August 20, 2023

Good morning boys and girls. Have you ever heard someone say, “You can be anything, or you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it?” What does this mean? It means if you set a goal for yourself and keep your mind focused on that goal you can accomplish just about anything! Awesome! Maybe some of you already know what you would like to be when you grow up. Can I see a show of hands for those who would like to be a doctor? How about a lawyer, a police officer or firefighter? How about a carpenter, like Jesus was as a young man. Well guess what boys and girls. Many of you will realize your dreams, but only if you put your mind to it. Only if you study hard and follow your plan. In a similar way Jesus is asking you to set your heart to a certain goal. Jesus has a plan for you that you can find right here in your Holy Bible. If you put your heart to His command to Love one another, He has promised that you can accomplish your goal of being close to God here on earth. If you put your heart into His instruction to share with those who have less than you then you can accomplish your goal to be a faithful follower of Jesus. If you put your heart into all the things that He has asked of you then you can have the happiness in life that comes only when you accept Jesus’ offer to give you peace of soul.

Boys and girls, it is true, that you can accomplish many goals in life if you work hard and put your mind to it. But more importantly, you can become the person Jesus wants you to be if you will only put your heart to it! Awesome!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
August 27, 2023

Good morning boys and girls. Will everyone who is happy please raise your hand. Very good, that is most of you. And to anyone who is not feeling happy today just remember, things will get better, I promise. Exactly what makes you happy, boys and girls? Let’s name some things. Spending time playing with your friends. That’s a good one. How about the last day of school before summer vacation? I know that makes all of you happy. Or maybe Christmas, or your birthday? Yes, those are all things that should make you happy. Maybe it is a vacation at the beach or camping? Those are all wonderful parts of life, aren’t they boys and girls?

Now let’s name some others. How about sharing your things with a friend who has less than you? How about spending time with someone who is sick or lonely? What about giving a gift rather than receiving one? How about giving your time to help someone who needs you? How about really listening to Jesus’ command to love one another?

Yes, boys and girls, all those other things may make you happy today. But if you really want to live the happy life that God has planned for you then you must do those things that Jesus has asked of you in our greatest recipe book ever for living –- our Holy Bible. And when you do, you’ll find true happiness!


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