Children’s Sunday Sermons December 2022

Children’s Sunday Sermon
December 4, 2022
Good morning girls and boys! Repentance! That’s a word we have talked about before. Can anyone tell me today what it means? That’s right. When we repent, we first admit that we have done something wrong, something that we know God would not want us to do. And once we admit that we have done wrong, we must try to do better. We must try to change.

There is a story about a man who had done some bad things in his life and wanted to start over. He wanted to try to change and do better. He wanted to repent. This is how he wished he could change things. He said, “I wish life was like a notebook. I wish that it was just like in school when you would tear out the page — the part where you made all the mistakes. And then you could start all over again with a page that is fresh and clean. Well, you know what, boys and girls. It really can be that way when we repent for our sins — when we admit the things that we have done wrong and then try to make them right. Like if you took something that didn’t belong to you. First, you must admit that you did it, and then you must say you are sorry. But it doesn’t end there. Besides giving back the thing that you took, you must also decide that you won’t do it again in the future. That’s what repentance means.

Jesus tells us in our Bible that when we repent, He will forgive us for the things we have done wrong. It’s like getting a clean sheet of paper in your notebook. The mistakes are all gone, and you can start fresh and new. But you can’t just ask for a new piece of paper. You must earn it by repenting — admitting that you have done wrong — saying that you are sorry for doing it, and then promising to do better. And when you do, God will give you that clean sheet of paper. In fact, He has all the notebooks in the world full of paper ready for anyone who repents! Isn’t that awesome, boys and girls?

Children’s Sunday Sermon
December 11, 2022
Good morning girls and boys! Is everyone happy today? Even if you all raised your hand today, we know we don’t always think of ourselves as happy. Let’s talk about what makes you happy. That’s right. When you are playing with your friends, that’s a happy time. How about when you have a birthday party, and everyone brings you presents, that’s a happy time, isn’t it? Vacations are fun and certainly should be a time when you are happy. And I’m guessing some of you are happy when the school bell finally rings at the end of the day. I’ll bet some of you will be happy when we finish our Sunday lesson! Today we read in our Bible: “Happy is the man who does not lose faith.” What does this mean, boys and girls?

As loyal followers of Jesus, we believe that God has reserved a place for us in the Kingdom of Heaven. We believe that He is always right here by our side, watching over us. We believe that if we do the good works that are expected of us then we will be rewarded with eternal life. That’s what it means to have faith, boys and girls. And this is the true meaning of happiness for members of our Christian community. If we have faith, then we will be happy!

This month we have many wonderful things to look forward to as Christmas and New Year draw near. Those can be happy holiday times to spend with our families. But remember, as loyal followers of Jesus, we can make every day a happy day because happiness is doing God’s Will!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
December 18, 2022
Good morning girls and boys! Christmas is coming! I know all of you are very excited about Christmas Day, especially about opening presents under the Christmas tree. It really is a special time to share with family and friends. It is a wonderful time to thank your parents and relatives for all the wonderful gifts that they have given you. And it’s a time for you to give wonderful gifts in exchange. What gifts did you give this year? Before you answer, let me make clear that I’m not talking about toys or electronics, or video games. What I’m talking about is the greatest gift that you could give this year — and every year. The gift of yourself. Wow! What does that mean, boys and girls? You already know the answer. It’s right here in the greatest recipe book for happiness ever — our Holy Bible.

To give ourselves means to . . .
Share with one another
Laugh with one another
Give to one another
Help one another
Listen to one another

And best of all.
LOVE one another.

Boys and girls, LOVE is the perfect gift — not just on Christmas day, but for every day!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
December 25, 2022
Good morning boys and girls! I want to wish each one of you a very merry and very blessed Christmas.

I know many of you found a lot of nice things under the Christmas tree this morning. And I know that you are thankful for all the gifts you have received and for your wonderful family and friends. You may have noticed that each year at this time, there are stories on the evening news about people who volunteer their time to help others. They serve meals and visit homeless shelters and nursing homes, and other places where people are in need. It’s very nice, boys and girls, to see people trying to help others, especially on Christmas day, isn’t it? But do you know what? It’s not enough to be a good Christian just on Christmas Day or Thanksgiving Day. No, boys and girls. Jesus has taught us that we need to be kind and compassionate to our brothers and sisters every day of the year.

This year I hope you will think about that. Being a good Christian is a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week, 52-week-per-year job! Now let’s get to work making this Christmas the merriest ever and the happiest New Year of all!


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