Children’s Sunday Sermons February 2010

Children’s Sunday Sermon
February 7, 2010
Good morning boys and girls. Today I’m going to share with you a “fish story.” Usually, when you hear someone say “That’s a fish story,” they mean that the person telling the tale is exaggerating — that instead of being completely honest and admitting that the fish they caught was only the size of a guppy, they exaggerate and tell you it was eight feet long and 400 pounds and took six hours to reel in! But you can be sure that the fish story that I am about to tell you is the Gospel truth.

Today we read a story in our Bible about some men who were having a difficult time fishing from their boats. Just when they are ready to give up, Jesus tells them to go out into the deep water and prepare for a catch. Then one of the men says, “Master, we have worked hard all night long and caught nothing, but if You say so, we’ll try again.” And as soon as they followed Jesus’ instructions, the Bible tells us, “they netted such a huge number of fish that the nets began to tear.” And you know what boys and girls? From that moment on those fishermen became loyal followers of Jesus.

Obviously those men had a lot of faith in what Jesus had promised. Before they could catch all of those fish they first had to believe in Jesus. And this lesson is repeated many times in the Bible, boys and girls. In order to be a follower of Jesus we must believe in what He tells us. We must do what He tells us. And if we do what He tells us He has promised that we will have a place reserved for us for all eternity with God!

So what are the things that Jesus is telling us to do? You know what they are boys and girls. He wants us to do all of the things that we know are expected of us as His loyal followers. And we must always remember, if we do these things we will be rewarded by God in Heaven! And that’s no fish story! So let’s not FLOUNDER around boys and girls. Let’s all go out this week and do a WHALE of a job as we continue to honor our New Year’s Resolution!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
February 14, 2010
Good morning girls and boys! I’m sure all of you have had this feeling at some time: You work hard on a project at home or at school. Maybe you built something with your Mom or Dad. Maybe it was a test that you took in school, or you did well in a contest to see who can read the most books. Maybe it was doing well in sports, or helping around the house. No matter what it was, if it was a job well done, if you tried your very best, you felt good when it was finished. Your were proud of what you did. And that kind of pride is a very good thing boys and girls. It will help you throughout your years in school, in your relationships with others, and in your job. But sometimes, boys and girls, too much pride can get in the way. It can get in the way of our good relationships with our family and friends, and it can even get in the way of our relationship with God!

Maybe you’ve seen people who brag and boast about how great they are. They want everyone to think that they are smarter, or richer, or better-looking, or better at sports, or more fun than everyone else. And that’s not just being proud — that’s going too far. I’m sure none of you boys and girls would ever want to be like that.

No matter how terrific we think we are, we must always remember that the talents we have are a gift from God. And God has given special gifts to each and every one of us. Some of us are good in sports — some in math. Some are good artists — some are good at building things. Some of us like to read — others are good at writing. We all have special talents, and none of us are exactly alike. Instead of thinking that we are better than our friends or neighbors, God wants us to think about the special unique talents and abilities He has given to each of them. All of us are special in God’s eyes, and we should always try to see these good things in others, just as God sees them.

Boys and girls, have you ever been waiting in line at school, or at a store, and someone cuts in front of you without waiting for his or her turn? What do you think when that happens? That’s right. We all think to ourselves, “Who does this person think he is to go ahead of all of the rest?” And it makes us a little bit angry. It’s just the same way with our relationship with God. If He sees us acting like we are better than everyone else, trying to place ourselves ahead of everyone — if he hears us bragging and boasting that we are the best — then He becomes unhappy with us too. Why, boys and girls? Because God created each one of us in His image. He created each one of us with special gifts. And He wants us to recognize and share those gifts with all of the members of our Christian Community.

This week boys and girls I want all of you to do things at school and at home that you are proud of. And you have every right to feel good when you do those things. But remember, always be thankful to God for giving you your special talents, and remember to look for those special talents in others. If you look hard enough, I promise you will find them! And when you do that, others will find them in you!

February 21, 2010
Good morning boys and girls. Today we are going to talk about the word, “Worship.” What does this word mean? Yes, to love and respect and adore something is to “worship” it. And usually when we think of this word, we think of God. Of course that is one of the most important reasons why the members of our Christian community gather together in Church each week — to worship God. To love, and honor, and respect, and adore God!

You know what boys and girls? Many people might say they think of God when they hear the word worship but their actions tell a different story. What do I mean, boys and girls? Well, for some, money, or fame, or “in” clothing, or good looks, are the things at the center of their lives. We can see by the way they live that they worship these things. Maybe you’ve heard some people say, “I’d give anything in the world to . . . have a certain car . . . or a big house . . . or an important job . . . or win the lottery . . . or look like a certain movie star.” They say they would give anything in the world for those things! What does that tell us, boys and girls? It tells us that those are the things that they truly worship. I know we wouldn’t want to hear our mother or father tell us that they worship any of those things above all else, even us. And it is the same way with our relationship with God. He doesn’t want us to put the worship of things ahead of our love, respect and worship of Him!

Today we read in our Bibles, boys and girls, that we “must worship God and serve Him alone” (Luke 4:8). In other words, we must think of God before we think of “things.”

This week, boys and girls, when you are watching your favorite musician or actor on television; when you are wishing for a favorite game or toy; when you are trying to look or act a certain way, ask yourself, “What do I really worship?” And hopefully, soon you will be answering “GOD!” And you’ll truly mean it.

February 28, 2010
Good morning girls and boys. One of the most precious gifts we have received from God is the gift of sight. Of all of our senses, this is probably our most important. Just think how different our world would be if we didn’t have the gift of sight. Of course there are people who do not have sight, and they have learned to adapt to make better use of their other senses, such as the gifts of hearing and touching. But for most of us, our sense of sight is our greatest connection to the world around us. Now let’s try an experiment. I need a volunteer who will come to the front of the room and put on this blindfold. Now try to find your way back to your seat. Don’t worry, I’m right beside you to help you on your way. Now just think how tough that would have been if I wasn’t here to guide you!

Boys and girls, you may not want to admit it, but I’m sure many of you were afraid of the dark when you were little. Even adults are sometimes afraid when they are alone in the dark. For little children, it can be frightening at night when they can’t see past their bedroom door. And then comes a wonderful sight! In walks their mother or father to tuck them in, or to read them a bedtime story.

Boys and girls, for all of us, children and adults too, there are times when everything seems dark — times when things seem especially difficult. At those times, even if it is daylight outside it may seem dark inside. It is at those times that we need a wonderful sight. It is at those times that we need someone right beside us to help guide us on our way. And you know that your parents can’t always be right beside you, and neither can I. But don’t worry, boys and girls. Jesus is always right there beside you to help guide you on your way. Jesus is always there to shine His bright light into the dark places inside.

We read in our Bibles today that Jesus went up to a mountain to pray with some of His followers. And when He began to pray, His face changed and His clothing became as bright as lightening. Jesus was shining His bright light for all to see!

The next time you are afraid boys and girls remember, you are never alone! Jesus is right there bedside you to light the way!

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