Children’s Sunday Sermons May 2013

Children’s Sunday Sermon
May 5, 2013
Good morning boys and girls. How many of you take music lessons at home or at school? That’s great! Some of you are learning to play the piano, and some are learning the guitar. And if someone is learning to play the drums your mom and dad might have to buy some earplugs! But no matter what instrument you are learning music is a wonderful way to express yourself and to learn a fun new pastime. There’s an old story about a tourist who stopped to ask a passerby for directions one day in New York City. The tourist was looking for a famous concert hall and it just so happened that the person he stopped was a very famous violinist. The tourist asked the man, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?’ The famous musician answered, “Practice, my boy, practice!”

That’s a funny story boys and girls but of course it is true. If you want to get to Carnegie Hall (a famous music hall) or if you want to go to a good college or if you want to be a good artist you have to practice, boys and girls, practice! But there is something even more important that we must practice, each and every day, no matter how old or how smart we are, or how good we get at music, or anything else for that matter.

Each and every day we must continue to practice our Christian Faith. If we really want to be true, loyal followers of Jesus Christ we must always be practicing to be good Christians. And what do you suppose the most important things are that we need to practice as members of our Christian family? Well, we have learned over and over again from the Bible that God has given us instructions for what to practice: “First of all the commandments is this,” Jesus said, “you must Love God with all your heart.” And the second is, “You must love your neighbor.”

Boys and girls these things sound simple, but believe me — they take practice. If you practice these things, not just today, but everyday, Jesus has promised that you will always be on the right path that will lead you to the Kingdom of Heaven. And the best road map, the best directions to get there are the instructions Jesus has given us right here in our Bible. Now let’s all get out there and practice!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
May 12, 2013
Good morning girls and boys. Have you ever looked closely at a spider web — I mean really closely? You can think of spiders as the first creatures to make their own web sites — millions of years before we did! Ha! Every spider makes a type of silk to spin its web. Scientists have found that some spiders can make up to 2,000 feet of thread in one string. That’s almost half a mile! And the faster a spider makes each thread, the tighter it becomes and the stronger it is. Even though it is very thin, spider silk is actually stronger than steel. And it’s not only strong but it can be stretched and stretched and it will not break! A spider web really is an awesome thing!

A spider is also a great engineer — spiders know exactly how to build a web so it is strong enough to stay together, even in the wind and the rain. When the spider first starts out, if you saw just one of the strands of silk you might say, “Wow! that’s not strong enough.” But hundreds of those small strands all connected together sure make it strong!

Guess what, boys and girls? Each one of us is like one of those strands of silk, connected together and strong enough to carry out God’s work:

You and your brothers and sisters, and your parents, are like strands in a strong family; connected together by God’s Love.

Your family and other families, are like strands in a strong Church; connected together by God’s Love.

Your Church and other Churches, are like strands in a strong faith community; connected together by God’s Love.

The next time you look at a spider’s web boys and girls I want you to think about how strong we can be if we all join together, connected together in God’s Love!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
May 19, 2013
Good morning boys and girls. Have you ever heard the expression, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today?” What does this mean? Of course this means that if you have an important job that you need to do, like starting a major school assignment, preparing for a music recital or even finally cleaning your room you should begin the task today, not tomorrow. But many of us like to turn that old saying around and instead think, “Why do today what I can put off until tomorrow!” Which one of those sayings best describes you? If it’s the second one then maybe you should start practicing doing things today, instead of tomorrow.

Boys and girls some people need a little help getting started doing their schoolwork or their chores around the house, and, sometimes they feel the same way about doing what they need to do as loyal followers of Jesus. Sometimes they don’t want to go to Church. Sometimes they don’t want to help someone who is need. Sometimes they don’t want to visit the sick, or the lonely. Sometimes they don’t feel like really listening to others who want us to do more than just hear them! But you know what? We have learned that Jesus has promised if we do all of those things, even when we don’t feel like it, we will have a cheerful heart!

Sometimes it’s hard work — like helping when we are tired, or listening when we are grumpy. But as soon as we feel ourselves reaching and stretching and working hard to be good followers, we feel good. And our faith begins to grow stronger. And the next time we try it gets easier.

This week boys and girls I want you all to have fun exercising your muscles as you play games in the schoolyard with your friends. But don’t forget also to exercise your faith.

Children’s Sunday Sermon
May 26, 2013
Good morning boys and girls. Have you ever heard of the United Nations? The U.N. is an organization of different countries formed after the second world war. One of the many things that the U.N. does is to help provide food to countries where there are many hungry people. For example in one country there is a program where children help to grow food that is sent to other countries where there are many starving children. Isn’t it wonderful, boys and girls, that children can actually help to feed other children who are less fortunate.

Now let’s think about something different. Take a moment to think about some of your favorite things — maybe a bicycle or scooter; a computer or maybe your television. Okay, those are all great things. Now imagine giving all of that up? Could you give it all to a stranger — a little boy or girl that you didn’t even know? Well guess what? Last Christmas I heard about a girl who did just that! Instead of asking for things she gave away all of her favorite toys to children who were in need. Isn’t it wonderful, boys and girls, that children can actually help to bring joy to other children who are less fortunate?

Both of these stories tell us there are young people who really, really work hard to be true to Jesus’ Word. Young people who really work hard to exercise their faith. Young people who really work hard to put others first before thinking of themselves first. And you know what boys and girls? Like the children growing food in a far away country or the girl right here at home who shared her things with others, you can begin to put to work all of the lessons that you have learned from your Bible. So the next time you are called on to help someone, just remember the girl who gave everything she had. Just remember the children who are growing food for other boys and girls. And believe me, then it won’t seem so hard to do your little part!

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