Children’s Sunday Sermons May 2017

Children’s Sunday Sermon
May 7, 2017
Good morning boys and girls. I’ll bet most of you have probably seen a sheep at the zoo, on television or maybe in a book. But I wonder if many of you know what a shepherd is? A shepherd, boys and girls is a person who takes care of a flock of sheep, and that means a lot of sheep.

The shepherd leads his flock out into the fields where there is plenty of grass to nibble on to keep them strong and healthy. And while the sheep are busy grazing, the shepherd watches over them. He keeps them from getting hurt and he protects them from wild animals. And, if one of them should stray away from the rest of the flock and become lost, the shepherd will not rest until he finds that lost sheep. And it makes him very happy to have it back in the flock, safe and sound.

That is why it is so wonderful to know that Jesus called Himself the Good Shepherd. He wanted all His followers to know that they could depend on Him to watch over them, protect them, keep them out of danger. And if one of them should lose their way, He would do everything in His power to help them find their way back.

To each one of you now, Jesus is saying, “I am your Good Shepherd. I will be with you always. I want to keep you safe and sound from all that is not good. I want to make you happy. So don’t stray away and get lost!”

But we can stray when we choose not to obey His commandments.

Jesus, the Good Shepherd, loves you and He will be happy to know how much you love Him when He sees you doing your good work, helping all the other members of His flock.

Children’s Sunday Sermon
May 14, 2017
Good morning girls and boys. Have you ever wondered why a tree can bend on a windy day but usually doesn’t topple over? The reason is because the roots that support the tree spread out over a very big area. And the strong roots that are hidden under the soil help keep the tree planted firmly in the ground during a windy day. But why do the roots naturally stretch out so far, even many miles for some plants and trees? Can you guess why? That’s right, the roots stretch out so far to find water, which is necessary for the tree to grow. Without roots the tree would die. And the tree will travel many miles by spreading it’s roots in search of the life giving water that it needs. Today we read in our Bibles that Jesus asks us to imagine someone who plants seeds all around. Some fall near a path and the birds come and eat the seeds. Others fall on rocks and they spring right up in the tiny cracks where they find just a little soil and they begin to grow. But as soon as the sun comes out the plants are burned because they don’t have room for the deep, life giving roots to bring them water. And then Jesus tells us there are still others seeds that fall into rich soil, and their roots go deep, and they live to be healthy plants with strong, far reaching roots.

It’s the same way with us as loyal followers of Jesus. Our faith in doing the will of God must be planted deep in our hearts. And when we are tempted not to do God’s Will the deep roots of our faith will help us to stand tall and make it through any tough times that will try to bend us. The roots of faith will keep us from toppling over!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
May 21, 2017
Good morning girls and boys. Today I want to teach you a very big word. The word is metamorphosis. Don’t worry! I won’t ask you to spell it but I do want us to learn about it. The word metamorphosis means to change into something very different. And it is something that happens in nature. Can anyone think of an example? No! It’s not when you change a baby’s diaper. No! It’s not when you change your mind!

Have you ever seen a dragonfly? You know, the beautiful insect of many colors that usually flies low over water with it’s big, wide wings? Did you know the dragonfly didn’t always look that way? Do you know how the dragonfly starts out in life?

How about a very different looking bug, the black beetle. Have you ever seen one? You know it’s about an inch long, with eight legs and it doesn’t look very pretty (except to it’s mother). Well let me tell you a story. One day a man was paddling on a lake in a little canoe and he noticed one of those black beetles had crawled up into the boat. It looked kind of sick because it wasn’t moving very fast. And then it died. And then the man noticed that its shell started to crack all the way down its back! And guess what happened next? Out of the beetle came a beautiful dragonfly. Right in front of the man, a metamorphosis had occurred. The beetle changed into a dragonfly. That’s awesome!

Boys and girls, that’s just one example of God’s miracles of creation. But just imagine, if a beetle can change into a dragonfly, what does God have in store for us? We already know! Jesus has promised that one day our life here on earth will change into eternal life with God in heaven!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
May 28, 2017
Good morning boys and girls. Let’s start with a little riddle today. Here goes. A teacher asked a ten-year old boy in class, “Tommy, can you name one important thing that we have here today that we didn’t have, say, 12 years ago?” Tommy thought for a moment and then said, “Me!” Well boys and girls, the teacher was actually thinking of the new computer that they had just gotten in the classroom but Tommy was absolutely right! He and all of the other children in the room were more important than that computer. And the teacher agreed with little Tommy.

Boys and girls, let’s all try to think about one important teacher that you have had in school. Maybe this teacher was especially kind or helpful to you. Maybe this teacher gave you extra attention when you were having trouble learning something. Or maybe this teacher told you how great you were when you did an especially good job with your lessons. Okay, are you all thinking of a particular teacher? Great. Besides your parents and the rest of your family, teachers are maybe the most important people in your lives right now. They are so important because they care about you and want you to learn and grow into the beautiful person God intended you to be. And guess what boys and girls? All of us have one teacher above all others who really is the greatest. No matter how old you are, He is Number One. And you know who that teacher is, boys and girls? That teacher is Jesus. And by His many examples in our Holy Bile Jesus has given us the instructions we need to grow into the beautiful persons that God intended us to be.

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