Children’s Sunday Sermons October 2011

Children’s Sunday Sermon
October 2, 2011
Good morning boys and girls. How many of you saw the movie, Titanic? If you didn’t see the movie I can tell you that the Titanic was a famous cruise ship that ran into an iceberg almost one-hundred years ago. There is a scene in the movie where a young man is standing on the front part of the ship, about 100 feet in the air as he looks out over the mighty ocean before him. He yells, I’m king of the world! Standing out there that boy must have felt very powerful.

Of course that young man was not king of the sea or even king of the Titanic — he wasn’t a king at all. A king is a very powerful person who rules over his land and his people. And of course that boy was wrong because there is no human king of the sea. That job belongs only and forever to God, who is not only King of the Sea but King of the Universe!

We live in God’s Kingdom and we are expected to live by Gods rule. Just like you must obey the rules in your community so that you can live a happy life — you must obey the Rule of God to live a happy life for all eternity. And God has promised that those who follow the examples of Jesus, our true King, can have eternal life with God, the King of Kings, the King of the World, the King of the Universe!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
October 9, 2011
Good morning boys and girls. In our Bibles we have read about many of the parables of Jesus. A parable is just another word for a story that helps to teach us a lesson about something. One of the Parables that Jesus taught is called the Parable of the lost Sheep. In this story Jesus talks about how the shepherd takes care of his sheep. If he has a flock of 100 sheep and just one of them is lost, he will go out and look for the lost sheep, and the shepherd will not rest until he finds it. It is the shepherds job to find that one lost sheep and bring it back to the rest of the flock. When the shepherd finds the lost sheep he is very happy. He picks up the lost one and carries it on his shoulder back home to the rest of the flock.

In this Parable, Jesus is explaining to us that God loves us just like a shepherd loves his flock. When we get lost, God comes looking for us. When we fail to obey Gods Law, when we forget the examples of Jesus, God will come looking for us too. And when He finds us, He is happy and He carries us back home again.

Children’s Sunday Sermon
October 16, 2011
Good morning boys and girls. We learn in our Bibles today that during the time before Jesus, owning cattle (cows and bulls) was a very important sign of a person’s wealth. If there was a battle between two groups, one of the ways to measure who won the battle would be to find out how many of your opponent’s cattle were captured. If you wanted to know if a man was rich you would find out how many cattle he owned. And when you came to the Temple to Worship God, you would make Him an offering of one of your cattle. We also read in our Bibles that even though a man might think he owns his cattle, they already belong to God. In fact, boys and girls when we understand this point we understand that everything on earth, every living creature, every plant, every mountain, every flower — every single thing on earth was created by God and therefore belongs to God, and not to us!

That’s right! Every car and every house and every dollar bill belongs to God. Everything that we have comes from God. And we are here as stewards of all of these things. That’s a new word for us boys and girls. What does this word steward mean? A steward is someone who has been entrusted to look after something. Not something that he or she owns, but something that someone else owns. We have been given the job to be stewards of all of God’s miracles of creation. It is our job to treat these miracles of creation very carefully. We are stewards of our air and we must be careful not to pollute it. We are stewards of our water and we must never foul it up with garbage. We are stewards of the mountains and the forests and the beaches and we must always take care of them so they will be beautiful for all future generations. God has given each one of us an awesome responsibility to be his good stewards here on earth. What a wonderful job that is!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
October 23, 2011
Good morning boys and girls. We read in our Bibles today that Jesus was asked, “which is the greatest commandment?” And Jesus answered, “first, you must love God with all your heart. And second, you must love one another!”

How many times have we heard these things, boys and girls? Obviously these commandments were very important to Jesus but how important are they to us?

How many of Jesus’ followers really make these the most important things in their lives? How can we tell if these are the most important things in our lives? Heres a little test that we can take to see if we are on the right track:

(1) Do I think of others, before always thinking of myself?
(2) Do I listen to God when I pray?
(3) Am I a good steward of all of Gods miracles of creation?
(4) Am I tuned into the Good News of the Gospels?
(5) Do I try to forgive others?

Hopefully you have said Yes to most of these questions. But even if you didn’t the Good News is that that the forgiving love of God is always right there to help you make a perfect score!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
October 30, 2011
Good morning girls and boys. Today I would like us to talk about brotherhood. What exactly is brotherhood? Yes it is true that brothers and sisters in a family share a brotherhood. That’s really the exact meaning of the word — just being brothers. But we are not just brothers to our family members, are we, boys and girls? No, God wants us to share a brotherhood with all of His children here on earth. God wants us to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be brotherly not just to our family, but to all of our friends and neighbors, and to those who need us.

Boys and girls have you heard some of the names that big cities in our country have been given? Can anyone think of any? How about The Big Apple, New York City. A Capital City is what Washington D.C. is nicknamed. Does anyone know where the Windy City is? That’s right. The Windy City is Chicago, Illinois. Heres a good one. The city of Philadelphia has been called the City of Brotherly Love. Boys and girls wouldn’t it be great if that were true not only for Philadelphia but every city in the world? Wouldn’t it be great if it wasn’t just a slogan for a city but an instruction for all of its citizens.

Well it is an instruction for all citizens of the world. It is not a slogan but an instruction from Jesus to do the work that is expected of each of us. Boys and girls, all of God’s children are brothers and sisters. ‘Ill bet you didn’t know you had such a big family, did you?

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