Children’s Sunday Sermons September 2017

Children’s Sunday Sermon
September 3, 2017
Good morning boys and girls. I heard the good news! “What good news, you ask?” The good news that it is back to school time! I know, I know. A lot of you don’t think that’s such great news but summer vacation is over and it’s time to get back to learning!

Boys and girls now I have some really “Good News” for you — no joking! The “Good News” is right here in our Holy Bibles. You see the first four sections of the New Testament in our Holy Bibles include the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. They tell the story of Jesus and explain how important His message is. These four books are known as the “Gospels.” Did you know that “Gospel” means “Good News?” What is this “Good News” boys and girls? Well it is the good news that we talk about week after week right here in our classroom. The Good News is that each of us can have eternal life — that is each of us can be with God right here on earth when we follow the examples of Jesus. And Jesus died on the cross for us so we can have eternal life with God. That is the good news.

So how can we show that we are loyal followers of Jesus and that we have heard the good news? That’s right! By caring, and sharing and listening and doing all of the other things that we have learned in our Bibles – especially in the Gospels!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
September 10, 2017
Good morning boys and girls. Today I would like to start by reading you a little poem.

Woke early this dark morning
And rushed into my day.
With so many things to do
I had no time to pray.

Had lots of chores before me
Each a great big task
I wondered why God didn’t help me?
He said, “you didn’t ask.”

You didn’t ask! Boys and girls this little poem is a reminder to be sure to say your prayers each day. Our prayers are a way of staying close to God. But you don’t need to tell God what you do each day because he already knows what you are up to. You don’t need to constantly remind God about the things that you may need because He already knows. He knows everything. But when you say your prayers you should always remember that God is listening. God is always right there by your side, no matter what, to help you when you need Him. And just as God is listening, you too must listen to God. It’s a two way street! When someone calls on you for help, are you listening? When someone asks you to share, are you listening? When you know you should be kind to someone, do you listen with your heart? When you are asked to put others first, are you listening? In other words, are you listening to God?

Boys and girls did you ever notice people walking down the street, or jogging, or riding their bikes with headphones on? Obviously they are listening to something. But are they able to hear their friends and neighbors, or have they tuned out the world around them? Well it’s the same way boys and girls when you pray without listening to God – it’s like you are tuning out God.

Now that we’ve talked a little about prayer let’s see if we can write a good ending to our little poem for today. How about . . .

Woke up early this fine morning
And got a real good start
First I said my prayers to Jesus
Then I listened with my heart!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
September 17, 2017
Good morning boys and girls. Today I want us to talk about a word we hear all of the time:


In our daily lives all of us are asked to forgive others for things they have done wrong to us. But it’s a two-way street. There are also times that we must ask others to forgive us for things we have done wrong to them. You all know that! But sometimes when someone does something wrong to us or to someone we care about it can be hard to forgive. Sometimes you’d rather stay angry instead of shaking hands and forgiving that person.

We all make mistakes sometimes, right? Do you know what boys and girls? All of us can be instantly forgiven by God if we just ask. That’s right. If only we would ask. You see when you ask God for forgiveness — when you say you are sorry for the thing you have done wrong and promise to try to change and do better then God’s forgiveness is guaranteed! Isn’t that awesome, boys and girls?

When you think of God’s forgiving love for you in this way it just might make forgiving others just a little bit easier. One more thing boys and girls — when you really earn God’s forgiveness in this way the thing that you did wrong is not only forgiven, but it’s also forgotten!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
September 24, 2017
Good morning boys and girls. Today we read in our Bibles that Jesus said the “last shall be first and the first last.” Does that make sense to you boys and girls? How can the person who is last be first? How can the person who is first, be last? If you run in a race and you win then you finished in first place. If you go bowling with your friends and make the lowest score then you are last. Isn’t that right boys and girls?

But when Jesus tells us that the “last shall be first and the first last” He is talking about our attitude and behavior toward our friends and our family and our neighbors — to all of the members of our human family. He wants us to think not of ourselves first but of others first. He is asking us to help others before helping ourselves.

Suppose you see an older person who doesn’t move too quickly struggling to open a door. Should you race to get ahead of that person so you can get through first? No, of course not! You should open the door for that person who needs your help and then go through last. How about when you are having dinner with your family? Should you grab up all of the food for yourself, or should you wait your turn and take your fair share so there is plenty for everyone? How about when you are with your friends? Should you keep your games and your toys to yourself, or should you share your things with your friends? The point is boys and girls Jesus has asked all of us to think of others first, before we think of ourselves. You hear this in the Bible lessons that we talk about each week . . .

Help those that need you,
Share with those that have less than you,
Visit those who are sick or lonely,
Listen with your heart.

And when you do these things boys and girls you will be following Jesus’ instruction to put others first. And when you put others first, your are guaranteed first place in the eyes of God!

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