Prayers for Worship April 2023

PRAYERS FOR WORSHIP APRIL 2, 2023 Greeting We come seeking to find our lives in the Lord Jesus. We come seeking to be the Lord’s faithful ministers. We come to take our rightful place on the side of the Lord. Penitential Prayer Love one another … turn the other cheek … love your enemies … …

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That’s the Magic!

There is a compelling epitaph engraved on the tombstone of poet Robert Frost which reads: “I had a lover’s quarrel with the world.” Frost himself chose that. What it means is that he had a lover’s quarrel with God. And, whether we realize it or not, the same is true of us all. We quarrel …

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Keep Dreaming

It is said that those who dream by day know many things that escape those who dream only by night. -1 In other words, one way to make your dreams come true is to wake up and do something about them. Some dreams come true, but what do you do with a broken dream? The …

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Clap Your Hands, Clap Your Hands

Hand clapping may be the most common sound we humans make without using our vocal cords. Surprisingly, according to researchers, the clap of an individual has less to do with one’s opinion of a performance and is instead motivated by a feeling of belonging as we applaud with others. As far back as the 6th …

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The Essential Thread

When the Christian Martyr, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, was in solitary confinement in a Nazi concentration camp, he said he appreciated, as never before, the gift of just being with Christian brothers and sisters — just being together. He said his hunger for the Christian community was greater than his intense desire for food. As a community …

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Sustained by Love

Poet Louise Fletcher beautifully writes about a place we can all dream and hope for. She imagines “some wonderful place called the Land of Beginning Again, where all our mistakes and heartaches could be dropped like a shabby old coat at the door and never be put on again.” I am here to remind you …

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Prayers for Worship March 2023

PRAYERS FOR WORSHIP March 5, 2023 Greeting Come, let us ascend the mountain. Let us come by faith, Let us come with Peter, James, and John, Let us come with the saints through the ages To see the glory of God In the face of Jesus Christ. Penitential Prayer Father, we confess today that we …

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There’s Always Something

On the final day of his life, it’s been said that the great English novelist Rudyard Kipling was mumbling deliriously on his deathbed. Those at his bedside could not understand what he was struggling to say until one of the nurses leaned over and said, “Mr. Kipling, Mr. Kipling, what is it you want?” Kipling …

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Hands of Creation

A few years ago, at a Maryland livestock auction, a young woman named Susan rescued a newborn calf, which she affectionately named Bucket. Within minutes of bringing the calf home, Bucket discovered the family dog’s bed, where she immediately laid down and fell asleep. It was as if the calf said to herself, “This looks …

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Get in the Game!

With spring training upon us, I find myself once again wishing that my favorite baseball team would recruit that perfect player. You know, the one who performs at every position beautifully and rarely strikes out or commits an error. The problem is, how can they get him to put down his hot dog and beer …

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Prayers for Worship February 2023

PRAYERS FOR WORSHIP February 5, 2023 Greeting Of all who gather here today, let none be spectators; let none be critics; let none be idle onlookers. Instead, may all who assemble be humble and sincere, eager to participate in the worship of our God and in the pursuit of truth. Penitential Prayer We confess, Lord, …

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Big Questions

Whether we realize it or not, artificial intelligence has entered all our lives. From Google maps to the Uber app, voice assistants like Siri and Alexa, and face recognition to unlock our phones, A.I. is here to stay. But that’s just the tip of the digital iceberg. Philosopher Susan Schneider, author of the book “Artificial …

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The Choice is Ours

The late master cellist, Pablo Casals, wrote an Oratorio based on the Nativity of Christ. He called it, simply, “The Manger.” When he was eighty-five, he embarked on a personal peace crusade. He said, “I decided to take the Oratorio anywhere in the world that I could and conduct it as a personal message of …

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Be the Change

In today’s Gospel Lesson, we hear Jesus say to His followers, “You are the light of the world. A city built on a hilltop cannot be hidden. No one lights a lamp to put it under a tub; they put it on a lampstand, where it shines for everyone in the house. In the same …

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