Moving Into Pain

Today’s text brings us to the point in Matthew’s Gospel where Jesus’ ministry will change drastically. Jesus has been walking through those sun-drenched fields of Galilee down by the beautiful, deep-blue inland sea. He has been giving new life to so many people who have responded to Him and accepted the Rule of God. People …

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He Was The Suffering Servant

The Los Angeles Times Syndicate published a story of a commercial airline flight cancellation which resulted in a long line of travelers trying to get booked on another flight. One man in the line grew increasingly impatient with the slow-moving line. Suddenly, he pushed his way to the front and angrily demanded a first-class ticket …

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God’s Key

There is a short story in which a self-centered old man dreams that he died and went to hell. In the midst of his anguish, he looks heavenward and cries out for a second chance. A voice from above asks him what he had done in his earthly life to merit a second chance. After …

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Feeding The Gut

God wants to raise you up to fullness of life! God has come in Jesus Christ to show you this life, here and now, in this world. God is not calling you to withdraw from this evil-tainted world to some kind of holy hothouse standing above the mess and the grime and the sweat. No! …

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