All Of You

It has been said that one of the best tests of your religion is to find yourself in church with nothing less than a twenty dollar bill in your wallet. The famous mythologist, Joseph Campbell, once said that people use the practice of religion as a means of avoiding true religion (the religious experience). In …

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Me, A Radical?

Do you think of yourself as a conservative or a radical, right-winger or left-winger? Some of you may reject the right-wing/conservative label on the grounds that persons on the “Right” seem to be hard-hearted, concerned only with the welfare of the “haves” and indifferent to the problems and sufferings of the “have-nots.” Others may reject …

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Wherever We Turn

On her twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, Abigail Van Buren, ran the following letter to her husband in her syndicated “Dear Abby” column: Dear Mort: July 2, 1964. Today is a very special day for me. It’s my twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, and I have this to say: I had a mother and father who really loved each …

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What The Church Needs Now

Lemon trees are pretty, the smell of the lemon flower is sweet, but the fruit of the lemon is impossible to eat. Many things in this life look pretty, smell sweet, but taste bitter. This was one of the most difficult lessons the disciples had to learn from Jesus about the New life He was …

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Are You Sure?

A little boy was about to visit the dentist for the first time. He wasn’t too sure he was going to like this adventure. For several days before “D-Day,” his mother tried to reassure him and to explain the procedure as much as possible. The day finally arrived. After a nervous wait in the reception …

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The Fanatics

A nineteenth-century poet seems to have anticipated the spirit of our time when he wrote: We live in an Age of half faith and half doubt; Standing at the Temple doors head in and heart out. In today’s Gospel Lesson, Jesus says “Follow Me” to Simon Peter and Andrew and James and John. Those first …

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Spectator Or Participant?

The religions of today differ in many ways. However, they seem to have at least one thing in common; they envision the religious life as a quest … a journey … a movement ever closer to the Divine. The Chinese speak of the “Tao,” which means “The way. “The Buddhists refer to “Mahayana,” which means, …

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What Is A Frog?

It is said that our present Age — our modern secular Age, so called — lacks a proper sense of reverence for the awesome mystery of life. Modern man, it is said, has lost the capacity to dwell on the wondrous mystery of a creative order grinding and groaning its way toward a fulfillment that …

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Radical Conservatives

We are all, of course, familiar with the religious tradition of reciting the Twenty-Third Psalm at graveside: The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; He leadeth me beside still water He restorth my soul; He leadeth me in the path of righteousness for His …

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