You Know Best, Amen

We can learn from the past, but we cannot live in the past. God’s creation is in the process of development. The movement is continuous. The change is constant. Inevitably, the world we leave will be a different world than the one we came into. A married couple had just returned home from a wedding …

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A Good Neighbor Policy

From time to time most of us are bitten by the “travel bug,” and usually the bite is not without its sting. One important function of a good “travel book” or travel agent is to anticipate the hazards and the hassles travelers are likely to encounter and to suggest ways and means of avoiding them. …

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A Risky Business

Sometimes Jesus is called “The Second Moses.” The idea is that, while the first law came from God through Moses, the more perfect law has been given to us by Jesus. Whatever truth there may be in the title “The Second Moses,” it is also very misleading. In today’s Gospel Lesson, Jesus is trying to …

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