Life Isn’t A Watermelon

In the early days of our nation, the town crier was the source of news for the community. He would stand in the village square and preface his announcements with the cry, “Hear ye! Hear ye!” Now we have newspapers and TV to keep us informed. But typography and electronically produced pictures have not diminished …

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For Sinners Only

In most places, the Church is regarded in law as a “non-profit” organization. This special status carries with it certain privileges not granted to ordinary “profit-making” organizations — tax exemption is one example. In general, Western Society has been congenial toward granting such privileges to the Church, although there are some who are opposed to …

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Playing It Safe

A motorist driving along an almost deserted backwoods road, noticed that his car was overheating. He spotted a man sitting on the steps of a broken-down old farmhouse. He pulled up and asked the man for some water. As he poured the water into the car’s radiator, the motorist struck up a conversation with the …

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