A Pain In The Neck!

A youngster asked his mother to take him to see a certain movie. “I don’t think you’ll enjoy it,” Mom replied. “The jokes will be over your head.” To which the lad replied, “That’s okay Mom, we can sit in the balcony.” Reading today’s Gospel Lesson, I felt a little like that Mom: I didn’t …

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Not A Moment To Spare

A Sunday-school teacher had been telling her class of youngsters about “heavenly rewards” and “crowns of glory” for people who believed and lived good lives. “Now tell me,” she said at the close of the lesson, “Who will get the biggest crown?” There was silence for a moment, then one bright youngster piped out, “The …

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Breakthrough To God

Sunday school teacher: “Johnny, can you tell me who will wear the biggest crown in heaven?” Johnny: “Sure. The one who has the biggest head.” “Not so,” Jesus tells us in today’s Gospel Lesson as He once again castigates the Pharisees. He calls them “frauds.” He says “They do all their deeds to be seen …

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Oh, God, Take Us Back

It has been said that nothing in the entire Biblical Message is more thoroughly resisted and rejected by modern man than its insistence on the need for repentance. All the Biblical authors are agreed that repentance is the very first step into the fullness of our humanity. The Old Testament Prophets, without exception, preached repentance …

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A Wide Open Story

An old Jewish legend tells the story of a renowned rabbi who disappeared from the synagogue for a few hours each Sabbath day. His mysterious conduct was the subject of much speculation among the rabbi’s students. Many of them suspected that their great mentor had discovered a secret meeting place with the Almighty. Consequently, one …

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A Little Glimpse Of Heaven

An elderly man with a very large ego went to an art gallery with his wife and some friends. Although he was very nearsighted, he took great pride in his ability as an art critic. Unfortunately, the man had forgotten his eyeglasses, but this did not deter him as he stood before a large frame …

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A Family Portrait

A little British girl once asked her mother, “Mummy, how did the princess know she was going to have a baby?” Before “Mummy” could reply, her younger daughter, aged five, piped up: “Well, she can read, can’t she? It was in all the papers.” Today’s Gospel story is about a woman caught in the act …

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Radical Conservatives

We are all, of course, familiar with the religious tradition of reciting the Twenty-Third Psalm at graveside: The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; He leadeth me beside still water He restorth my soul; He leadeth me in the path of righteousness for His …

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