The Real Power Of A Nation

The Good News of the Gospel is, primarily, the Good News about Almighty God: a God of power, a God of justice, a God of Grace, a God of Love. It is the Good News of a God who takes the initiative, continuously, to call us into a union with Himself through which we experience …

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Opportunities For Usefulness

Several months ago, in a large New Jersey parish, the following note was slipped into the Sunday morning collection basket: Dear Pastor, In response to your recent sermon about Church support, I wish to inform you that the present condition of my bank account makes it almost impossible for this middle-aged man to be of …

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A Matter Of Choice

A pious pastor who had been a teetotaler all his life, was invited to dinner by a new parishioner. “Would you gentlemen care for a drink?” the waiter asked. “I’ll have a Martini,” said the parishioner. “Will the Reverend also have a martini?” the waiter asked. “I’d sooner break all Ten Commandments,” said the pastor. …

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