Wise Men

It’s Worth The Risk

On Christmas Day we will celebrate what God, our Creator, did nearly two thousand years ago. He sent His own loving Christ Spirit into our world in the form of a tiny Child, thereby changing forever the course of human history. We will celebrate also what God is doing now. But as we prepare for …

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Getting Away From It All?

A lion in the jungle approached a campfire around which sat members of a hunting safari. Hiding behind a clump of bushes, it listened as the hunters argued over which, of all the wild animals, was “King of the Jungle.” Finally, one of the hunters summed up the argument, saying, “From everything that’s been said, …

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Do You Know What Hurts Me?

Henry Van Dyke wrote a fictional account of a “fourth” Wise Man’s journey to Bethlehem to visit the newborn King. Actually, the Gospel doesn’t tell us how many Wise Men (or Magi) followed the “Star of Bethlehem,” but according to popular tradition, there were three: Caspar, Melchior and Baltassar. But there also is a tradition …

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