Constantly On The Watch

A retired couple were sitting in their “rec” room one evening. The wife was watching the nightly news on TV; the husband was reading a book on physiology. When the news broadcast ended, the wife turned to her husband and said, “Let’s stay up and watch the Late Show.” The husband put down the physiology …

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A New Vision

In the later years of the Roman Empire, a group of pagans was being Baptized by immersion, in a river. They had expressed a desire to be Christians, but they had a problem: the men in the group had been trained as warriors and they wanted to be ready to move into action at a …

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Always On The Job

In the First Letter of the Apostle Peter, it is written, “Discipline yourselves, keep alert. Like a roaring lion your adversary the devil prowls around, looking for someone to devour” (I Pt. 5:8). An elderly woman, well known for her kindness, never had a bad thing to say about anyone. All of her life, this …

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Fed Up?

Several years ago, something strangely wild took place in the life of a veteran Detroit fireman. “I was fed up,” he told a reporter who interviewed him after the bizarre episode. “I was fed up right to here,” he said, pointing to the top of his head. “Did you ever feel that way, I mean …

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No Impostors!

In a “Peanuts” comic strip, little Linus listens attentively as his little sister, Lucy, boasts about her religious zeal and her potential as an evangelist. She says to Linus, I could be a terrific evangelist. Do you know that kid who sits behind me in school? I convinced him that my religion is better than …

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No Rest For The Good

We have heard it said, “There is no rest for the wicked.” But, with the hustle-bustle and the “getting ahead” and the spirit of fierce competition that have come to distinguish life in the modern world, there appears to be little rest for the good or the wicked. In the hoop-la of staying on the …

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Inspiration And Perspiration

One of the popular “inspirational” authors of our time 1 maintains that two “spirations” are essential “for every worth-while achievement of any kind.” In his words … If either is missing, the enterprise is doomed to failure, and if you have not been making your life as successful as you would like, you must go …

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Yes, It’s Risky!

A business consultant in Los Angeles often begins his management-trainee seminars with the story of a tour-guide in an Australian art museum… The guide is describing a beautiful work of art to her tour group. She says, “And here, ladies and gentlemen, we conclude our tour with one of the finest pieces of sculpture in …

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