Children’s Sunday Sermons February 2014

Children’s Sunday Sermon
February 2, 2014
Good morning girls and boys. Let’s start with a riddle: What is white when it’s dirty and black when it’s clean? A blackboard!

Well you all look so nice and clean today. That means that you probably used some soap when you washed up this morning. And whether you took a bath or a shower or just washed up at the sink, to do a good job you need soap to get rid of the dirt and impurities — things that might spoil your good looks. Everyone looks very nice today!

The people who make a certain soap have a slogan that says their soap is ninety-nine and nine-tenths percent pure. That means that there is practically nothing in the soap that is unclean.

Jesus tells us to make ourselves one-hundred percent pure in heart. That means He wants all of our thoughts and all of our deeds to be free from anything that spoils our ability to think good thoughts and to do good things. It means our thoughts about one another should be loving thoughts. And it means that we are to treat one another lovingly. It means we are to be kind to one another. It means we should care for one another in ways that show we want to help one another when help is needed.

And it means that our minds and hearts should be unspoiled by anything that keeps us from seeing and thinking about God who loves us with the purest love we could ever imagine!

“Blessed are the pure in heart,” Jesus tells us in our Bibles, “For they shall see God.” Boys and girls, the next time you wash your hands to keep them clean and pure, let’s also think about keeping our hearts pure and full of the good thoughts God wants us to have for one another.

Children’s Sunday Sermon
February 9, 2014
Good morning girls and boys. What is light. Yes, of course light is the thing that allows us to see — without it we would be in total darkness. But exactly what is light? How do the scientists explain to us what light is. Can anyone here tell me what travels 186,000 miles per second? The answer is light! The rays of light that start form the glowing yellow ball we call the sun are travelling at 186,000 miles per second! That’s awesome. Someone has described light as a form of energy that stimulates certain nerves in our eyes that cause us to see. So light, the thing that allows us to see is a sort of invisible energy that turns on our eyes. Wow!

Boys and girls in our Bibles we have read that Jesus said, “I am the Light of the world.” Jesus was sent by God to live among us here on earth to shine His special light of goodness on all of us.

Boys and girls can you remember back a few years ago when you were afraid to sleep alone at night in the dark. I know, it can be scary when we feel all alone in the darkness. And your parents probably put a little “night light” in your room or in the hallway so you could see. With that little night light you knew that you weren’t all alone and that your parents were right there in the next room.

Well boys and girls it is kind of the same thing with God. We are never alone. He is always right there next to us shining His powerful bright light of love into our lives. When things seem dark in our lives, God is there to light up our way.

In our Bible in the Book of Genesis, we learn that in the beginning everything was covered in darkness. And then we learn that the very first thing God does is create light. “Let there be light,” we read in our Bible. “And God said that the light was good.”

Boys and girls if you look in a mirror you see light reflected from the silver colored glass and that’s how you are able to brush your teeth and comb your hair without poking yourself in the eye! The light in the mirror is a reflection of you. And just like that light in the mirror, you can be a reflection of the wonderful light of Jesus. You can reflect all of the wonderful lessons that He has given us in our Bibles. And the only way to reflect that beautiful loving light of Jesus is in the way you live. When you live the lessons that Jesus has taught then you are one of His brightest shining examples of someone who reflects the light of Jesus.

Children’s Sunday Sermon
February 16, 2014
In the old “Bugs Bunny” cartoons, “Daffy Duck” often tries to trick Bugs into going someplace or doing something that would be harmful to him. Rabbits love carrots and “Daffy” would put a carrot on a stick and get Bugs to run after it without caring about where it was taking him. And this always got him into trouble. In these scenes, Bugs is being tempted by the carrot to do something he shouldn’t be doing. And this reminds us of what happens to us very often. Not “Daffy Duck” but the devil himself is always trying to trick us or tempt us into doing something we shouldn’t. He doesn’t use a carrot or a stick to tempt us, but he uses many other kinds of tricks. But whatever trick he uses, his purpose is always the same. He wants to get us to do something that God doesn’t want us to do. He wants us to lie or cheat or disobey. He wants us to be selfish and unkind. He wants us to be hurtful rather than loving toward other persons. “Do what I ask,” he whispers in our ears, “and you will be more popular. Do as I ask and I’ll see that you get all the goodies. Be good only to yourself and forget all these others and you’ll be a real winner.”

Actually, when the devil tempted Jesus, he said, “Forget about God and worship me and I’ll give you everything in the world.” Jesus, of course said “No!” to the devil. “God alone do I worship,” He told the devil. “So you can keep all your goodies!”

There are two things you can do when the devil waves a carrot on a stick before you. You can say “No” to the devil and you can say “Yes” to God. “Yes God, I will do as You ask. I will be the kind of giving person you want me to be. Send the devil on his way and you’ll be a real winner!

Children’s Sunday Sermon
February 23, 2014
Boys and girls, I think you all know a little something about mystery stories. Sometimes these stories are called “Whodunits?” It’s a short way of saying that somebody did something but we don’t know who. As such stories go on, we are given clues about who that somebody might be. A clue puts your mind to work on the problem, and the more clues you get, the closer you get to solving the mystery.

Into each of our lives comes mystery. The perfect example, of course is God. Who is this God who created the Universe? Who is this God who created me? We ask these questions and we look for clues. And the best clue of all comes from the Lord Jesus. He begins by telling us that God is Love. Then comes the clue: If you want to get the best idea of all about who the God of Love is, you must try to imitate God. He loves us so much that He wants us to share in His life of love forever and He wants us to share this Good News with others.

When you share in this way you get a a little peek into the mystery of what God’s life is like. And it will give you joy. It will make you happy. And you will have a clue to what Heaven is like, because, in Heaven, you wont need any more clues. In Heaven, the Mystery of God is no longer a Mystery. In Heaven you will see God in all His glory!

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